Why Internship with Virtual Learning Solutions

In the face of great uncertainty in the world economies, increased unemployment, pandemics and politically charged environments, moving forward, high school and college graduates will have to shift their mindset from employment to entrepreneurship.

If you are looking to gain priceless and meaningful work experience, with an international organization with roots in over 100 countries, guided by a mentor, to make a sustainable impact in the business community, join our internship program!

We Combine professional development opportunities, with real-life marketplace experience. Join us for a life-changing adventure. These placements immerse interns in the heart of online entrepreneurship. These aren’t your typical fetching coffee or filing internships.

What are the requirements for interning in Africa? We do not require interns to have extensive industry experience or education to join our programs. We believe that internships at Virtual Learning Solutions are a life-changing opportunity that should be accessible to all, regardless of where you are on your professional journey!

How long and how much does it cost? Program Fees Program is 12 weeks Cost Kshs.
Internship Training Once you arrive, we’ll take you through an intensive training program that leads you through your internship responsibilities, as well as valuable information about the e-commerce industry, direct selling, how to lead and motive yourself, how to build and run a team. To get the most out of this incredible experience, we ask interns to come eager to learn, passionate about entrepreneurship as Africa’s solution to unemployment, and be ready for an epic adventure! What types of projects will I work on as an intern? • Digital Marketing and Communication • e-Learning • Entrepreneurship